Bank Of America Routing Number/ ABA Routing Number

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Bank Of America which is also abbreviated as BofA; is a multinational banking and holds financial services corporations have its headquarter in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States. It is the 2nd largest bank in the United States by assets. The bank had 26th rank as largest company in terms of total revenue. By the year 2016 Bank of America was on the 11th position in Forbes Magazine Global 2000 as the largest companies in the world.

This was the general information of bank. Moving on to its Routing number details which is also referred as ABA number, Routing Transit Number. An ABA RTN number is a nine-digit code used by each bank of United States, that is easily visible on the cheques to identify the financial institution of the account. The new method of payment is developed which is ACH and Wire transfer.


The ABA Routing Number is mandatory for Federal Reserve Banks to carry out the process of Fedwire Funds transfers and also the Automated Clearing House for direct deposits, bill payments and similarly automated transfers. The ABA RTN system was developed in 1910 by the American Bankers Association.


There are approximately 26,895 active ABA RTNs currently in use. All the financial institution has atlas one routing number. A single financial institution may have up to 5 ABA RTN’s. Many of them have more than five, but they have more mergers of institutions.

ABA RTNs are used only for transactions and transfers within the United States. The RTN’s are used on paper cheques, wire transfers and ACH transactions. The ABA RTN is the middle set of nine numbers at the bottom of the check on the left side. Domestic transfers that use the ABA RTN are usually returned to the paying bank.


Incoming international wire transfers also use the SWIFT code – a system administered by the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT). The code is often referred to as “SWIFT-BIC, BIC code, SWIFT ID or SWIFT code”.

The ABA RTN have two formats that appear on the standard check. 1) The fraction Form & 2) MICR (magnetic ink character recognition) form. Merely both the forms give same information but there is a minor difference in them.

The MICR is in the main form. It is printed in magnetic ink and is readable by the machine. It appears at the bottom left of a check and consists of nine digits.

The fraction form was used for manual processing before the invention of the MICR line. It generally appears in the upper right part of a check near the date.

The Fraction Form is:


where PP is a 1 or 2 digit Prefix, that is no longer used in processing, but still printed. The prefix and the Federal Reserve Routing Symbol (XXXX) are determined by the bank’s geographical location and treatment by the Federal Reserve type, while the remaining data (YYYY, and Branch number, if present) depends on the specific bank, and are unique within a Federal Reserve district.

MICR Routing number format

The MICR routing number consists of 9 digits:


where XXXX is Federal Reserve Routing Symbol, YYYY is ABA Institution Identifier, and C is the Check Digit.


Wire transfer is the quickest way to receive money in your Bank of America account. You can receive money from USA (Domestic Wire Transfers) or from a foreign country (International wire transfer). You have to provide your banking details to the sender for transferring money successfully.

International Wire Transfer to Bank of America

Incoming International Wire Transfer Instructions

To receive international wire transfer in your Bank of America account, please use the following wire instructions: Note: Banks in the USA don’t use IBAN account number.

Bank Name: Bank of America NA
SWIFT Code for Bank of America NA: BOFAUS3N [for US dollars (USD) or unknown currency] BOFAUS6S [foreign currency (non-USD) denominated wires]
Routing Transit Number: 026009593
Bank address, City & State: Bank of America, N.A. 222 Broadway New York, NY 10038 (regardless of where your account is located)
Beneficiary Account Number: Your complete Bank of America NA account number (including leading zeros)
Beneficiary Name: The name of your account as it appears on your statement

Note of Caution on Fees: If the money you send or receive is converted in currencies, then take care while transfer. Because there are chances of poor exchange with higher hidden fees that are taken by banks. I recommend you to choose such transfer services, that do not cut any extra fees through wire transfer.   

Domestic Wire Transfer to Bank of America

Incoming Domestic Wire Transfer Instructions

Bank Name: Bank of America NA
Wire Transfer Routing Number: 026009593
Account Holder Name: Your Name
Account Number: Your Bank Account Number
Bank Address, with City & State: Bank of America, N.A. 222 Broadway New York, NY 10038 (regardless of where your account is located)

Wire Transfer Fees for Bank of America

International and Domestic Wire Transfer Fees for Bank of America are as follows:

International Incoming Incoming International Wire Transfer Fees varies based on your account type but it is usually between $0 to $15
Outgoing $35 (if wire is in foreign currency) or $45 (if wire is in US dollars) for each transaction
Domestic Incoming Incoming Domestic Wire Transfer Fees varies based on your account type but it is usually between $0 to $15
Outgoing $30 for each transaction

Routing Number on Checks:

Routing Number that is even known as Routing Transit Number (RTN) is a 9 digit number that is generally mentioned in your chequebook and easily visible. Routing Numbers are used commonly for ACH and wire transfers (ACH means transferring money without using paper or cheques, cash etc).

If the bank has multiple branches, some of them have different routing numbers for different reasons or purposes. The easy way now you can find your routing number is an online method so that you can surely transfer money by all your assurance.

Keep in mind that all unions and financial institutions have routing numbers for a various paper transaction and electronic transactions too. So don’t get confused and insert same routing number for various transaction processes.

bank-of-america-check-sample-routing-number image

State / Region


Electronic Transactions

Wire Transfer

State / Region Paper  (ROUTING NUMBER) Electronic Transactions (ACH NUMBER) Wire Transfer
Alabama 051000017 051000017 026009593
Alaska 051000017 051000017 026009593
Arizona 122101706 122101706 026009593
Arkansas 082000073 082000073 026009593
California 121000358 121000358 026009593
Colorado 123103716 123103716 026009593
Connecticut 011900571 011900254 026009593
Delaware 031202084 031202084 026009593
Florida, East 063000047 063100277 026009593
Florida, West 063100277 063100277 026009593
Georgia 061000052 61000052 026009593
Hawaii 051000017 051000017 026009593
Idaho 123103716 123103716 026009593
Illinois – South 081904808 081904808 026009593
Illinois – North 071000505 071000505 026009593
Illinois – Chicago Metro 071103619 081904808 026009593
Indiana 071214579 071214579 026009593
Indiana (Opened before 8/23/2008) 051000017 051000017 026009593
Indiana (Opened after 8/23/2008) 081904808 081904808 026009593
Iowa 073000176 073000176 026009593
Kansas 101100045 101100045 026009593
Kentucky 051000017 051000017 026009593
Louisiana 051000017 051000017 026009593
Maine 011200365 011200365 026009593
Maryland 052001633 052001633 026009593
Massachusetts 011000138 011000138 026009593
Michigan 072000805 072000805 026009593
Michigan (Opened before 8/23/2008) 051000017 051000017 026009593
Michigan (Opened after 8/23/2008) 081904808 081904808 026009593
Minnesota 071214579 071214579 026009593
Mississippi 051000017 051000017 026009593
Missouri East/St. Louis 081000032 081000032 026009593
Missouri West/Kansas City 101000035 081000032 026009593
Montana 051000017 051000017 026009593
Nebraska 051000017 051000017 026009593
Nevada 122400724 122400724 026009593
New Hampshire 011400495 011400495 026009593
New Jersey 021200339 021200339 026009593
New Mexico 107000327 107000327 026009593
New York 021000322 021000322 026009593
North Carolina 053000196 053000196 026009593
North Dakota 051000017 051000017 026009593
Ohio 051000017 051000017 026009593
Oklahoma 103000017 103000017 026009593
Oregon 323070380 323070380 026009593
Pennsylvania 031202084 031202084 026009593
Rhode Island 011500010 011500010 026009593
South Carolina 053904483 053904483 026009593
South Dakota 051000017 051000017 026009593
Tennessee 064000020 064000020 026009593
Texas, North 111000025 111000025 026009593
Texas, South 113000023 111000025 026009593
Utah 051000017 051000017 026009593
Vermont 051000017 051000017 026009593
Virginia 051000017 051000017 026009593
Washington 125000024 125000024 026009593
Washington DC 054001204 054001204 026009593
West Virginia 051000017 051000017 026009593
Wisconsin 051000017 051000017 026009593
Wyoming 051000017 051000017 026009593

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