Mytxcar [Genearl Guideline To Check Texas Vehicle Inspection]

Do you think why you should check Texas Vehicle Inspection History? Found it complicated? I agree with you guys but now, please don’t need to worry as I have written all the necessary information and you will get all the answers to your questions by reading this post.

I am going to explain you about Texas Vehicle inspection history. You can also get information related to vehicle registration process. You can get vehicle inspection history by visiting

MyTXcar is an online portal that gives information about prepurchase vehicles. It is advisable that the customer must check vehicle inspection history as this is beneficial for customer as well as environment. If the customer buys a used car then they should check the vehicle inspection history. This information can help the customer to decide vehicles reasonable price, to check the vehicle’s efficiency, the vehicle is emission pass or not, and etc. 

Normally, with the help of Checking vehicle inspection history, The customer can buy a proper vehicle and can protect our environment. I know now you are excited and want to know that how you can check your Texas Vehicle Inspection History. Please read the complete post and easily get guidelines to check Texas vehicle inspection history.

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How To Check Texas Vehicle Inspection History

The customer can check Texas Vehicle Inspection History online. They do not personally go to the inspection office. Thus, the customer who wants to buy a used car can check vehicle details online. This is a very simple and quick process and you can check car details from anywhere. Please refer below steps to check Texas Vehicle Inspection history.

  • First of all, kindly visit the Texas vehicle inspection official site at

Mytxcar Genearl Guideline

  • Now, please clear checkbox of I’m not a robot and click on Submit button.

Texas Vehicle Inspection History

  • After click on the submit button, the link navigates to the TCEQ (TEXAS COMMISSION ON ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY) page. 
  • Next, please enter VIN (Vehicle Inspection Number) and click on Submit button.
  • Finally, you will get all the information about the particular vehicle.

Other Important Information

If you want combined information for vehicle inspection and registration and needed more information then you have to visit The Texas use two steps and the first one is vehicle inspection and the second one is registration. The dealer has to enter valid data into the Texas database for complete the vehicle inspection process.

Texas use two steps and the first one is vehicle inspection

The dealer has to submit registration document as well as buyer’s details. Thus the vehicle status can be verified after the completion of the valid vehicle inspection and registration process. This way Texas will be able to issue registration sticker for the buyers. 

Please check the sticker expiry date. if the date is expired then you have to renew stickers date.

A few things that must be known for the Twostep process. please refer below details.

  • The dealer must have to register for a new vehicle as well as for used vehicles.
  • The dealer must have to submit Valid inspection document within a 30 days after the sale date for a new vehicle.
  • The used vehicle must be inspected before the registration process. If the vehicle does not pass the inspection test during the registration process then the transaction is rejected. 
  • The vehicle must be pass Emission test as this is the most important to save our environment from pollution.
  • The dealer has to provide a valid Vehicle Inspection Report to the Texas office.
  • Vehicle Inspection Fee will pay in two segments. The first amount is pay during Inspection and remaining second amount is pay during the registration process.

Texas Contact Details

If you still have any query and want to need more information related to Vehicle Inspection History then it is not needed to go to Texas office. You can contact Texas company by a Phone call or by a Fax or by visiting Texas official site.

  • If you have a general question about Texas Vehicle Inspection, then you can call the number on 512 465 4205
  • If you have the question related to MyTXcar service, then please dial number on 1 888 368 4689.
  • You can also fax to 512 465 4129.

Note: These Lines are open for Monday to Friday at 8:00 am to 5 pm.

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