About Potbelly Menu Prices

Potbelly Menu Prices

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Potbelly restaurant was established in 1977 in Chicago, Illinois, by Peter Hastings. Now, It has a number of 290 Potbelly restaurant locations in the world. It is also known as Potbelly Sandwich Works.

It is a sub sandwich restaurant chain. Potbelly restaurant menu prices are comparable to that of its competitors such as Subway, Quiznos, and Jimmy John’s.

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Potbelly Hours Of Operations

Potbelly Hours Of Operation

DAYS What Time Does Potbelly Open? What Time Does Potbelly Close?
Monday  10:00 am  7:00 pm
Tuesday  10:00 am  7:00 pm
Wednesday  10:00 am  7:00 pm
Thursday  10:00 am  7:00 pm
Friday  10:00 am  7:00 pm
Saturday  10:00 am  7:00 pm
Sunday 11:00 am 6:00 pm

Potbelly Menu List With Price

Potbelly Menu List With Price



Clubby Original $6.35
Clubby Big $7.65
Italian Original $5.30
Italian Big $6.60
Turkey Breast Original $5.10
Turkey Breast Big $6.40
Smoked Ham Original $5.10
Smoked Ham Big $6.40
Grilled Chicken Mediterranean Original $6.50
Grilled Chicken Mediterranean Big $7.80
Tuna Salad Original $5.10
Tuna Salad Big $6.40
Pizza Sandwich Original $5.30
Pizza Sandwich Big $6.60
A Wreck Original $5.30
A Wreck Big $6.60
Grilled Chicken Original $5.70
Grilled Chicken Big $7.00
Roast Beef Original $5.10
Roast Beef Big $6.40
Mediterranean Original $5.50
Mediterranean Big $6.80
Chicken Salad Original $5.10
Chicken Salad Big $6.40
Meatball Original $5.10
Meatball Big $6.40
Vegetarian Original $5.10
Vegetarian Big $6.40
PB & J Original $5.00
PB & J Big $6.30
Sicilian Original $6.35
Sicilian Big $7.65

Skinny Pair

A Side of Soup & Your Favorite Skinny  NA $6.80


Pizza  NA $5.50
Italian  NA $5.50
Roast Beef NA $5.30
Mediterranean NA $5.70
Chicken Salad NA $5.30
Meatball NA $5.30
Turkey Breast NA $5.30
A Wreck NA $5.50
Grilled Chicken & Cheddar NA $5.90
Smoked Ham NA $5.30
Grilled Chicken Mediterranean NA $6.70
Tuna Salad NA NA$5.30
Clubby  NA $6.55
Vegetarian NA $5.30


Chicken Mediterranean Salad  NA $7.50
Farmhouse Salad NA $7.50
Farmhouse Salad (No Chicken) NA $6.60
Powerhouse Salad NA $8.75
Powerhouse Salad (No Chicken) NA $7.75
Chicken Mediterranean Salad NA $7.50
Mediterranean Salad (No Chicken) NA $6.50
Chicken Salad Salad NA $6.60
Chickpea Veggie Salad NA $6.60
Uptown Salad NA $7.50
Uptown Salad (No Chicken)  NA $6.60
Wreck Salad  NA $6.60

Soups & Chili

Broccoli Cheddar Cup $3.30
Broccoli Cheddar Bowl $4.60
Chicken Enchilada Cup $3.30
Chicken Enchilada Bowl $4.60
Sriracha Black Bean Cup $3.30
Sriracha Black Bean Bowl $4.60
Loaded Baked Potato Cup $3.30
Loaded Baked Potato Bowl $4.60
Garden Vegetable Cup $3.30
Garden Vegetable Bowl $4.60
Chicken Noodle Cup $3.30
Chicken Noodle Bowl $4.60
Tomato Cup $3.30
Tomato Bowl $4.60
Chili Cup $3.60
Chili Bowl $5.00

Sides & Desserts

Chips  NA $1.25
Side Salad NA $1.80
Sugar Cookie NA $1.30
Ice Cream Sandwich NA $2.95
Mini Chocolate Cookies 2 Pack $1.15
Dream Bar  NA $1.55
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie NA $1.30
Chocolate Brownie Cookie NA $1.30
Bag Mini Cookies 12 Pc. $3.95
Pickle NA $1.00


Soda Can $1.35
Arizona Tea  NA $2.10
Nantucket Nectar NA $2.35
Crush NA $1.85
San Pellegrino NA $2.35
Izze Blackberry NA $2.15
Sobe Yum-Pom NA $2.25
Sobe Fuji Apple NA $2.25
Bottled Soda 20 oz. $2.10
Bottled Water 16 oz. $1.85
Bottled Water 25 oz. $2.35
IBC NA $2.10
San Pellegrino Rosa NA $2.10
Izze Grapefruit NA $2.15
G2 NA $2.25


Classic Shake  NA $3.00
Classic Smoothie NA $3.00
Fruit Shake NA $3.30
Fruit Smoothie NA $3.30

Box O’Sandwiches 6 Minimum Orders

Full Belly (Sandwich, Side Salad, Chips & Cookie) Each $9.70
Perfect Belly (Sandwich, Chips & Cookie) Each $7.90
Basic Belly ((Sandwich & Chips) Each $6.55
Just Sandwich (Only Sandwich) Each $5.30

Bowl O’Salads

Farmhouse Salad Group $39.90
Farmhouse Salad (No Chicken) Group $37.90
Uptown Salad Group $39.90
Uptown Salad (No Chicken) Group $37.90

Soup For A Group

Broccoli Cheddar Group $29.00
Chicken Enchilada Group $29.00
Sriracha Black Bean Group $29.00
Loaded Baked Potato Group $29.00
Garden Vegetable Group $29.00
Chicken Noodle Group $29.00
Tomato Group $29.00
Chili Group $35.00

Potbelly Customer Service Number

Potbelly Customer Service Number

Please Visit Here: https://www.potbelly.com

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