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Generally Most of the people like the Mexican Fast Food, It is known worldwide among tourists, businessmen, ordinary people, and even kids. The combination of simplicity and exotic spicy fast food attracts everyone. 

It is a chain of fast casual restaurants in the United States and Canada serving Mexican-style cuisine. The first Qdoba restaurant was founded in 1995 in Colorado, and now it has more than 641 locations throughout the country.

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Qdoba Mexican Grill Hours

Qdoba Mexican Grill Hours

DAYS What Time Does Qdoba Open? What Time Does Qdoba Close?
Monday 5 AM 10 PM
Tuesday 5 AM 10 PM
Wednesday 5 AM 10 PM
Thursday 5 AM 10 PM
Friday 5 AM 10 PM
Saturday 5 AM 10 PM
Sunday 5 AM 10 PM

Qdoba Mexican Grill Menu List With Price

Qdoba Mexican Grill Menu List With Price


Signature Flavors

Choice of Salsas: Pico de Gallo, Roasted Chile Corn, Salsa Verde, Salsa Roja, and Fiery Habanero

Queso Burrito (Grilled Chicken or Vegetarian) $7.80
Queso Burrito (Grilled Steak or Shredded Beef) $8.40
Queso Burrito (Ground Beef) $7.80
Queso Burrito (Pork) $8.40
Mexican Gumbo (Grilled Chicken or Vegetarian) $7.80
Mexican Gumbo (Grilled Steak or Shredded Beef) $8.40
Mexican Gumbo (Ground Beef) $7.80
Mexican Gumbo (Pork) $8.40
Smothered Burrito (Grilled Chicken or Vegetarian) $7.80
Smothered Burrito (Grilled Steak or Shredded Beef) $8.40
Smothered Burrito (Ground Beef) $7.80
Smothered Burrito (Pork) $8.40
Craft 2 Menu
Choose Any Two: 3-Cheese Nachos, Naked Queso, Queso Diablo, Nachos Diablo, Mexican Gumbo, Two Tacos, Naked Burrito, Naked Taco Salad, Grilled Quesadilla, and Tortilla Soup $8.40
Vegetarian (with Guacamole) $7.80
Grilled Chicken $7.80
Grilled Steak $8.40
Shredded Beef $8.40
Ground Beef $7.80
Pork $8.40
Taco Salads
Vegetarian $7.80
Grilled Chicken $7.80
Grilled Steak $8.40
Shredded Beef $8.40
Ground Beef $7.80
Pork $8.40
Grilled Quesadilla
Cheese (Cheddar & Monterey Jack) $7.80
Grilled Chicken $7.80
Grilled Steak $8.40
Shredded Beef $8.40
Ground Beef $7.80
Pork $8.40
Tacos Choose 3 Soft Flour or Crispy Corn Tortillas Tacos
Three Taco Combo $7.80
3-Cheese Nacos
Vegetarian $7.80
Grilled Chicken $7.80
Grilled Steak $8.40
Shredded Beef $8.40
Ground Beef $7.80
Pork $8.40
Qdoba Kids Meal Includes Side & Drink
Kids Burrito Bowl $4.00
Kids Quesadilla $4.00
Kids 3-Cheese Nachos $4.00
Kids Taco $4.00
Chips & Dips
Chips and Salsa Small $1.00
Chips and Salsa Regular $2.00
Chips and 3-Cheese Queso $4.00
Chips and Queso Diablo $4.00
Chips and Guacamole $3.00
Tortilla Soup $3.00
Guacamole $2.00
3-Cheese Queso $1.50
Queso Diablo $1.50
Salsa $0.70
Cheese $0.70
Sour Cream $0.70
Fountain Drink Regular $1.80
Fountain Drink Large $2.20
Bottled Water $1.90
Bottled Soft Drink $2.50

NOTE: Qdoba Restaurant Menu Item list will be changed according to a restaurant owner, so you can please refer the official website of Qdoba Mexican Grill Restaurant.

Qdoba Mexican Grill Customer Service Number and Address

Qdoba Mexican Grill Corporate Office Address

Qdoba Mexican Grill
9330 Balboa Ave
San Diego, California 92123

Contact Qdoba Mexican Grill

Phone Number: (858) 571-2121
Fax Number:
Website: http://www.qdoba.com/
Email: Email Qdoba Mexican Grill

Qdoba Mexican Grill Near Me Locations

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