About TCBY Menu Prices

TCBY Menu Prices

TCBY was established in 1981 in Little Rock, Arkansas, by Frank D. Hickingbotham. It declared to be a large success and it immediately started its development. Today, It has a number of 470 locations throughout Americas, Middle East and Eastern Asia.

So, My friends if you want to eat those kinds of yummy fast food, so you can go to the TCBY restaurant and enjoy the yummy food with your friends and family.

It is also known as The Country’s Best Yogurt. TCBY shop menu prices are similar to other frozen yogurt shops. Its items are usually available in 4 sizes including small, kiddie, regular, and large.

But if you have no idea about the TCBY Menu Prices, TCBY Hours of operations, TCBY Near me Locations and customer service number, then don’t worry my friends, cause here I provide that all kinds of information which are needed.

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TCBY Hours Of Operations

TCBY Hours Of Operations

DAYS What Time Does TCBY Open? What Time Does TCBY Close?
Monday  11AM  11PM
Tuesday  11AM  11PM
Wednesday  11AM  11PM
Thursday  11AM  11PM
Friday  11AM  11PM
Saturday  11AM  11PM
Sunday  11AM  11PM

TCBY Menu List With Price

TCBY Menu List With Price


Soft Serve Yogurt & Toppings

Soft Serve Cup/Cone Kiddie $1.79
Soft Serve Cup/Cone Small $2.99
Soft Serve Cup/Cone Regular $3.49
Soft Serve Cup/Cone Large $3.89
Kids Topping  NA $0.49
Regular Topping NA $0.89
Fruit Topping NA $0.89
Each Additional Topping NA $0.49

Hand Scooped Yogurt

Hand Scooped Yogurt Cup/Cone Kiddie $1.79
Hand Scooped Yogurt Cup/Cone Small $2.99
Hand Scooped Yogurt Cup/Cone Regular $3.49
Hand Scooped Yogurt Cup/Cone Large $3.89

Waffle Cones

Waffle Cone Only Small $0.79
Waffle Cone (With Soft Serve) Kiddie $2.59
Waffle Cone (With Soft Serve) Small $3.29
Waffle Cone (With Soft Serve) Regular $3.79
Waffle Cone (With Hand Scooped) Kiddie $2.59
Waffle Cone (With Hand Scooped) Small $3.29
Waffle Cone (With Hand Scooped) Regular $3.79
Dipped Waffle Cone (With Soft Serve) Small $4.29
Dipped Waffle Cone (With Soft Serve) Regular $4.79
Dipped Waffle Cone (With Hand Scooped) Small $4.29
Dipped Waffle Cone (With Hand Scooped) Regular $4.79

Beriyo Smoothies

Beriyo Smoothie Small $4.09
Beriyo Smoothie Large $4.99

Specialty Items

Shiver Small $4.29
Shiver Regular $4.79
Shiver Large $5.19
Parfait Regular $4.09
Sundae (Soft Serve)  NA $4.59
Sundae (Hand Scooped) NA $4.59
Cappuccino Chiller Small $4.19
Cappuccino Chiller Regular $4.69
Cappuccino Chiller Large $5.09
Shakes & Malts Small $4.19
Shakes & Malts Regular $4.69
Shakes & Malts Large $5.09
Sorbet Fizz Small $3.59
Sorbet Fizz Regular $4.09
Sorbet Fizz Large $4.49
Banana Split (Soft Serve)  NA $4.89
Banana Split (Hand Scooped) NA $4.89
Frappe Chiller Small $4.19
Frappe Chiller Regular $4.69

Take Home

Hand Scooped Pint $4.59
Hand Scooped Quart $6.49
Deep Dish Pie (Single Pie)  NA $20.99
Round Crunch Cake Small $17.99
Round Layer Cake Medium $23.99
Round Crunch Cake Medium $23.99
Cake Regular $32.99

NOTE: TCBY Restaurant Menu Item list will be changed according to a restaurant owner, so you can please refer the TCBY official website.

TCBY Customer Service Number

TCBY Customer Service Number


Phone: 1-800-348-6311

Website: https://www.tcby.com 

TCBY Near Me Locations

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