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Zoes Kitchen is a fast-casual restaurant chain, it was founded in 1995 and headquartered in Plano, Texas, USA.

It serving chicken salad, pasta salad, pitas and grilled chicken sandwiches, It has a number of 203 locations across 17 states with plans to expand further.

Zoes Kitchen Menu prices are more costly than fast food but are competitive with rest of the fast-casual industry. Its complete Menu details please check below my friends.

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Zoes Kitchen Hours

Zoes Kitchen Hours

DAYS What Time Does Zoes Kitchen Open? What Time Does Zoes Kitchen Close?
Monday  11:00 am  9:00 pm
Tuesday  11:00 am  9:00 pm
Wednesday  11:00 am  9:00 pm
Thursday  11:00 am  9:00 pm
Friday  11:00 am  9:00 pm
Saturday  11:00 am  9:00 pm
Sunday  11:00 am  9:00 pm

Zoes Kitchen Menu List With Price

Zoes Kitchen Menu List With Price

Chicken Rollups NA $8.09
Spinach Rollups NA $7.79
Spinach Rollups with Chicken NA $8.89
Steak Rollups NA $9.29
Chicken Kabobs – Zoes Favorite! NA $9.29
Steak Kabobs NA $11.89
Salmon Kabobs NA $11.89
Shrimp Kabobs NA $10.39
Veggie Kabobs NA $8.89
Kabob Combo Plate NA $11.39
Greek Chicken Marinara NA $9.39
Protein Power Plate NA $8.39
Mediterranean Chicken NA $9.39
Chicken & Orzo Cup $3.39
Chicken & Orzo Bowl $5.19
Chicken & Orzo Quart $10.09
Chicken & Orzo Half Gallon $21.59
Tomato Bisque Cup $3.39
Tomato Bisque Bowl $5.19
Tomato Bisque Quart $10.09
Tomato Bisque Half Gallon $21.59
Hummus & Salads
Hummus & Pita NA $4.99
Basil Pesto Hummus & Pita NA $5.49
Red Pepper Hummus & Pita NA $5.49
Hummus Trio NA $6.99
Hummus & Salad Plate NA $7.29
Chicken Salad & Fruit Plate NA $8.89
Live Med Salad NA $7.89
Baked Feta NA $7.39
Greek Salad NA $7.89
Tossed Greek NA $9.19
Orzo “Tabouli” Salad NA $7.89
Side Greek Salad NA $3.79
Quinoa Salad  NA $7.29
Classic Sandwiches
Pimento Cheese Sandwich  NA $7.39
Chix Salad Sandwich  NA $7.49
Pick Two!  NA $7.29
Grilled Sandwiches
Gruben – Zoes Favorite!  NA $7.89
Turkey Stack  NA $7.89
Steak Stack  NA $8.29
Ham Piadina  NA $8.39
Spinach/Mushroom Piadina  NA $8.19
Pita Sandwiches
Greek Chicken Pita  NA $7.89
Lean Turkey Pita  NA $7.69
Mediterranean Tuna Pita  NA $7.79
Kids Includes Kids Side
Kids Quesadilla  NA $3.99
Grilled Chicken Fingers  NA $3.99
Grilled Turkey & Cheese  NA $3.99
Chicken Salad Sandwich  NA $3.99
Kids Roll-up  NA $3.99
Kids Fruit Cup (No Side Included)  NA $1.49
Yaya’s Hand-Made Chocolate Cake 1 Pc. $2.59
Yaya’s Hand-Made Chocolate Cake Whole $21.99
Chocolate Chip Cookie  NA $2.39
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie  NA $2.39
Take Home Tubs
Chicken Salad Half Pint $4.99
Chicken Salad Pint $8.99
Hummus Half Pint $4.69
Hummus Pint $7.99
Red Pepper Hummus Half Pint $4.89
Red Pepper Hummus Pint $8.49
Basil Pesto Hummus Half Pint $4.89
Basil Pesto Hummus Pint $8.49
Pasta Salad Half Pint $3.99
Pasta Salad Pint $6.99
Pimento Cheese Half Pint $4.99
Pimento Cheese Pint $8.99
Potato Salad Half Pint $3.99
Potato Salad Pint $6.99
Slaw Pint $3.99
Slaw Quart $6.99
Seasonal Fresh Fruit Pint $4.69
Seasonal Fresh Fruit Quart $7.99
White Beans Pint $3.99
White Beans Quart $6.99
Mediterranean Tuna Half Pint $4.99
Mediterranean Tuna Pint $8.99
Quinoa Half Pint $3.69
Quinoa Pint $6.99
Tabouli Half Pint $3.69
Tabouli Pint $6.99
Chips  NA $0.99
Pita Chips  NA $1.29
Roasted Vegetables NA $2.29
Braised White Beans NA $2.29
Marinated Slaw NA $2.29
Pasta Salad NA $2.29
Potato Salad NA $2.29
Rice Pilaf NA $2.29
Seasonal Fresh Fruit NA $2.29
Orzo NA $2.29
Chicken Salad NA $3.89
Pimento Cheese  NA $3.89
White or Wheat Pita Wedges  NA $0.99
Tabouli  NA $2.29
Hummus  NA $3.99
Basil & Pesto Hummus  NA $4.29
Red Pepper Hummus  NA $4.29
Quinoa  NA $2.29
Hummus Taster 2 oz. $1.65
Basil Hummus Taster 2 oz. $1.75
Red Pepper Hummus Taster 2 oz. $1.75
Cucumber  NA $0.99
Sports Cup Refill NA $1.09
Kids Milk or Chocolate Milk  NA $1.79
Kids Apple Juice NA $1.79
Fountain Drink NA $1.99
Limeade NA $2.39
Sports Cup Limeade NA $2.79
Vitamin or Smart Water NA $2.49
Pellegrino  NA $2.59
Sweet or Unsweet Tea Gallon $6.99
Green Tea Gallon $7.99
Limeade Gallon $7.99
Family Meal Choices of Kabobs, Chicken Breasts, Marinara Chicken or Rollup Dinner
Mediterranean Family Meal – Kabobs Small $29.99
Mediterranean Family Meal – Kabobs Large $39.99
Mediterranean Family Meal – Chicken Breasts Small $29.99
Mediterranean Family Meal – Chicken Breasts Large $39.99
Mediterranean Family Meal – Marinara Chicken Small $29.99
Mediterranean Family Meal – Marinara Chicken Large $39.99
Mediterranean Family Meal – Rollup Dinner Small $29.99
Mediterranean Family Meal – Rollup Dinner Large $39.99
Gluten Free Soups & Salads
Tomato Bisque Cup $3.39
Tomato Bisque Bowl $5.19
Tomato Bisque Quart $10.09
Hummus Bowl $4.99
Hummus & Salad Plate NA $7.29
Greek Salad NA $7.89
Chicken Salad & Fruit Plate NA $8.89
Side Greek Salad  NA $3.79
Gluten Free Entrees
Gluten Free Protein Power Plate NA $8.39
Gluten Free Quinoa Salad NA $7.29
Gluten Free Shrimp Kabobs NA $10.39
Gluten Free Greek Chicken Marinara NA $9.39
Gluten Free Mediterranean Chicken  NA $9.39
Gluten Free Sides
Seasonal Fresh Fruit NA $2.29
Braised White Beans NA $2.29
Potato Salad NA $2.29
Marinated Slaw NA $2.29
Roasted Vegetables NA $2.29
Quinoa  NA $2.29

NOTE: Zoes Kitchen Restaurant Menu Item list will be changed according to a restaurant owner, so you can please refer the official website of Zoes Kitchen Restaurant.

Zoes Kitchen Customer Service Number

Zoes Kitchen Customer Service Number 

  •  Phone number(703) 807-0410

Website: https://zoeskitchen.com/menu

Zoes Kitchen Near Me Locations

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