About Zoup Menu Prices

Zoup Menu Prices

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It was established in 1997 and started their first restaurant in Southfield, Michigan, in 1998. It is also called Zoup! Fresh Soup Company. They provide hundreds of different soups and 12 that rotate daily. Zoup! restaurant menu prices are somewhat more costly than what you’re probably used to paying for a soup.

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Zoup Hours Of Operations

Zoup Hours Of Operations

DAYS What Time Does Zoup Open? What Time Does Zoup Close?
Monday  11:00 am  8:00 pm
Tuesday 11:00 am 8:00 pm
Wednesday 11:00 am 8:00 pm
Thursday 11:00 am 8:00 pm
Friday 11:00 am 8:00 pm
Saturday 11:00 am 8:00 pm
Sunday 12:00 pm 5:00 pm

Zoup Menu List With Prices

Zoup Menu List With Prices


12 Award Winning Soups

Chicken Potpie Side (8 oz.) $4.65
Chicken Potpie Cup (12 oz.) $5.95
Chicken Potpie Bowl (16 oz.) $7.25
Chicken Potpie Extra Large (32 oz.) $11.95
Chicken Potpie Bread Boule $6.95
Broccoli Cheddar Side (8 oz.) $4.75
Broccoli Cheddar Cup (12 oz.) $6.20
Broccoli Cheddar Bowl (16 oz.) $7.35
Broccoli Cheddar Extra Large (32 oz.) $12.35
Broccoli Cheddar Bread Boule $6.95
Chicken Fajita Side (8 oz.) $4.75
Chicken Fajita Cup (12 oz.) $6.20
Chicken Fajita Bowl (16 oz.) $7.35
Chicken Fajita Extra Large (32 oz.) $12.35
Chicken Fajita Bread Boule $6.95
Dragonfire Noodle Bowl Side (8 oz.) $4.25
Dragonfire Noodle Bowl Cup (12 oz.) $5.25
Dragonfire Noodle Bowl Bowl (16 oz.) $6.35
Dragonfire Noodle Bowl Extra Large (32 oz.) $10.25
Dragonfire Noodle Bowl Bread Boule $6.95
Mulligatawny Side (8 oz.) $4.25
Mulligatawny Cup (12 oz.) $5.25
Mulligatawny Bowl (16 oz.) $6.35
Mulligatawny Extra Large (32 oz.) $10.25
Mulligatawny Bread Boule $6.95
Lobster Bisque Side (8 oz.) $5.25
Lobster Bisque Cup (12 oz.) $6.75
Lobster Bisque Bowl (16 oz.) $7.95
Lobster Bisque Extra Large (32 oz.) $13.50
Lobster Bisque Bread Boule $6.95
French Onion Side (8 oz.) $4.50
French Onion Cup (12 oz.) $5.65
French Onion Bowl (16 oz.) $6.95
French Onion Extra Large (32 oz.) $11.20
French Onion Bread Boule $6.95
Italian Pasta & Vegetables Side (8 oz.) $4.25
Italian Pasta & Vegetables Cup (12 oz.) $5.25
Italian Pasta & Vegetables Bowl (16 oz.) $6.35
Italian Pasta & Vegetables Extra Large (32 oz.) $10.25
Italian Pasta & Vegetables Bread Boule $6.95
Santa Fe Chicken Chili Side (8 oz.) $4.65
Santa Fe Chicken Chili Cup (12 oz.) $5.95
Santa Fe Chicken Chili Bowl (16 oz.) $7.25
Santa Fe Chicken Chili Extra Large (32 oz.) $11.95
Santa Fe Chicken Chili Bread Boule $6.95
Mexican Chicken Side (8 oz.) $4.65
Mexican Chicken Cup (12 oz.) $5.95
Mexican Chicken Bowl (16 oz.) $7.25
Mexican Chicken Extra Large (32 oz.) $11.95
Mexican Chicken Bread Boule $6.95
Roast Garlic Chicken Kale Side (8 oz.) $4.65
Roast Garlic Chicken Kale Cup (12 oz.) $5.95
Roast Garlic Chicken Kale Bowl (16 oz.) $7.25
Roast Garlic Chicken Kale Extra Large (32 oz.) $11.95
Roast Garlic Chicken Kale Bread Boule $6.95


Cobb Whole Salad $7.75
Cobb Half Salad $6.25
Asian Whole Salad $7.50
Asian Half Salad $5.75
Chicken Caesar Whole Salad $6.95
Chicken Caesar Half Salad $4.95
Greek Whole Salad $6.75
Greek Half Salad $4.75
Lemon Caper Tuna Whole Salad $7.75
Lemon Caper Tuna Half Salad $6.50
Loco Burrito Whole Salad $7.50
Loco Burrito Half Salad $5.75
Sonoma Whole Salad $7.25
Sonoma Half Salad $5.25
Power Quinoa Whole Salad $7.75
Power Quinoa Half Salad $5.25


Chicken Toscana Whole Sandwich $7.75
Chicken Toscana Half Sandwich $6.50
Maple Ham & Bacon Whole Sandwich $7.50
Maple Ham & Bacon Half Sandwich $5.75
Pesto 3 Cheese Whole Sandwich $6.75
Pesto 3 Cheese Half Sandwich $4.75
Southwest Turkey Whole Sandwich $7.50
Southwest Turkey Half Sandwich $5.75
Tuna Salad With Lemon & Capers Whole Sandwich $6.95
Tuna Salad With Lemon & Capers Half Sandwich $4.95
Turkey Club Whole Sandwich $7.75
Turkey Club Half Sandwich $6.50
Quinoa Veggie Wrap Wrap $6.25

KidZ MealZ!

Kidz Soup & Sandwich  NA $4.95

Dessert & Sides

Chocolate Chunk Cookie  NA $1.65
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie  NA $1.65
Chocolate Chunk Brownie NA $1.95
Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips NA $1.79
Kettle Chips NA $1.39
Jalapeno Tortilla Chips NA $1.79
Extra Sourdough NA $0.45
Extra Multigrain NA $0.45
Extra French NA $0.45


Soda Small $1.49
Soda Medium $1.79
Soda Large $1.99
Water Bottle $1.50

NOTE: Zoup Restaurant Menu Item list will be changed according to a restaurant owner, so you can please refer the Zoup Restaurant official website.

Zoup Customer Service Number

Zoup Customer Service Number

28290 Franklin Rd.
Southfield, MI 48034
(800) 961-3071

Website: http://www.zoup.com

Zoup Near Me Locations

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